Best Diabetes Apps

Diabetes management largely centers on monitoring and managing blood glucose levels. This is done by controlling what you eat and knowing how foods affect your blood sugar. For many people with diabetes, it also involves taking medications that help manage blood sugar levels.

One thing diabetes apps have in common is that they help to simplify diabetes management. 

BG Monitor Diabetes


Android rating: Free

Interface: Slick and elegant, BG Monitor is a breeze to navigate.


Usability: Track everything, calculate how much insulin you need, set reminders, and create spreadsheets and graphs of your data. You can also organise all of your entries with tags.


Favorite thing: There’s a lot to love about this app, but we particularly like being able to create a photo log of your meals. It’s great for when you’re out with friends and don’t want to take the time to record your food.




iPhonerating:Free             Androidrating:Free

Interface: Made for children and the adults in their life, the interface is simple and intuitive.


Usability: Perfect for children with diabetes and the many people who care for them, BlueLoop allows for everyone to connect and share updates on food intake, insulin, and blood sugar levels.


Favorite thing: You can receive text messages at work when your child or the school nurse enters new information.


Calorie Counter PRO


iPhonerating:US$3.99      Androidrating:Free

Interface: Comprehensive and text-focused without being overwhelming.


Usability: A weight loss app that can help you track your daily eating can be extremely useful when you’re managing your diabetes as well as trying to reach those weight loss goals. This app allows you to chart your progress and take daily notes.


Favorite thing: When it comes to weight loss, pounds aren’t the only concern, and we like that this app also tracks your body measurements.


Carb Counting with Lenny


iPhonerating:Free             Androidrating:Free

Interface: A simple design that’s fun for anyone to use.


Usability: Children with diabetes have a unique learning curve, and Carb Counting with Lenny is one way to help them get up to speed. The app has games and fun illustrations that can help children learn about foods that have carbohydrates and how to count them.


Favorite thing: Kids who use the app can play games with each other digitally.


Diabetes in Check



Interface: This app’s design is simple and intuitive. Navigate easily with the tabs across the top.


Usability: There are several useful features here, including a journal, meal planner, recipes, and a food guide. You can also track your medications and log on to message boards.


Favorite thing: Scan barcodes on packaged foods to immediately get nutrition information on your favorites.


Diabetes Pilot Pro


iPhonerating:US$2.99 per month

Interface: Easy to use and navigate.


Usability: A comprehensive app that helps you manage your diabetes by tracking all of your measurements, medicines, food intake, and exercise. You can also estimate your next HbA1C to help plan for your next doctor’s appointment.


Favorite thing: The ability to email and share reports directly from the app.


Diabetes Tracker



Interface: The simple, clean design belies the sheer number of things you can do with this app.


Usability: If it can be measured, Diabetes Tracker can record it. Your food, blood sugar levels, exercise, blood pressure, weight, medications, and moods — it can all be tracked and put in a report.


Favorite thing: The charting capabilities are some of the best we’ve seen.


Diabetic Connect


iPhonerating:Free             Androidrating:Free

Interface: An easy to learn social media design.


Usability: Track your blood sugar and connect with other people who have diabetes. Follow blogs, weigh in on discussions, and make friends who share similar concerns.


Favorite thing: The ability to ask a question of the larger diabetes community.




iPhonerating:Free             Androidrating:Free

Interface: Glooko is designed to sync and work simply with numerous glucose monitoring devices.


Usability: The Glooko app is free when you purchase a Glooko online subscription (US$59.95 per year). Together, they allow you to sync your glucose monitoring devices, insulin pump, AND wearable fitness trackers, as well as add on features like diet, carb intake, insulin, and blood sugar tracking.


Favorite thing: The ability to view inputs from all of your diabetes management technology in one place.




iPhonerating:Free             Androidrating:Free

Interface: A streamlined design makes this app easy to use.


Usability: Designed for people who use Glucagon, a drug that is used to raise dangerously low blood sugar levels, this app lets you practice administering the drug, store the location and expiration dates of the important medicine, and record notes to discuss with your doctor.


Favorite thing: Because Glucagon is used in cases of extreme low blood sugar, which ideally doesn’t happen often, we like that this app allows users to practice administering the drug, since they may not get much real life practice before it’s needed in an emergency.


Glucose Buddy


iPhonerating:Free             Androidrating:Free

Interface: Icons on a simply designed dashboard make it easy to navigate this comprehensive tracking app.


Usability: Track your food, insulin dosages, blood sugar measurements, and more with this app. You can graph your blood sugar over time and connect with other users in a forum.


Favorite thing: If you find it hard to remember to test your blood sugar, you can easily set alerts to remind you throughout the day.


mySugr Diabetes Logbook


iPhonerating:Free             Androidrating:Free

Interface: Bright colors and a fun, easy interface.


Usability: Track everything you need to in one place — from your meals to your moods. Also, create monthly reports to share with your doctor.


Favorite thing: Using your inputs throughout the month, the app will estimate your next HbA1c reading, so you can be prepared for your next doctor’s visit.


OnTrack Diabetes



Interface: A simple design means virtually no learning curve.


Usability: Tracking has never been so easy. OnTrack Diabetes is designed to document blood sugar levels, food, A1c, weight, and more, and then calculates averages and maintains a record of your history so it’s easy to show your doctor how you’ve been doing.


Favorite thing: The ability to automatically generate graphs showing blood sugar levels over time.


Weight Loss Coach by Fooducate


iPhonerating:Free             Androidrating:Free

Interface: Everything you need for weight loss support with easy navigation.


Usability: This is a weight loss app — perfect for people with diabetes who are trying to drop a few pounds. You’ll track what you eat, get immediate feedback on how you’re doing, and learn more about how your diet affects your overall health.


Favorite thing: Personalize the app by inputting your dietary restrictions, health conditions, and allergies.