Key Achievements of the DANII Foundation – EST 2012

Despite the age of the DANII Foundation the organisation has achieved a significant amount. The following is possible with exceptional fundraising and an ultra-lean office. In the last year the following has been achieved.

Facilitated a process and subsidised over 120 people with type 1 diabetes to have access to a 2 week Continuous Glucose Monitor(CGM) trial (i.e. try before you buy). The cost to the DANII Foundation is in the order of $200,000. Currently there are 300 T1D’s on the waiting list to trial a CGM.

Subsidised the purchase of 40 CGM’s for type 1 diabetes families to the amount of $51,600 in 2014-15

Introduced the “Hypomon” alert technology to Australian families and provided subsidies to 50 families before the product was voluntarily recalled from the market due to a lack of funding from the Parent Company.

Introduced “Nightscout”, aka, “CGM in the Cloud” to Australia after contacting US Developer. Nightscout is a DIY system which allows real time access to a Dexcom G4 and Medtronic Mini- Med Veo Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) reading data from web browsers via smartphones, computers, tablets and the Pebble smartwatch. DANII delivered “Nightscout” at the 2015 Jelly Bean Ball. The development of this app cost in the order of $30,000. It is currently and will continue to be provided free of charge, regardless of funding arrangements. Nightscout is available to all CGM manufacturers. Nightscout was launched in August 2014 and in 15 months already has 15,000 subscribers.

Introduced an in-school Education program in NSW educating children and the teaching staff on “What is type ONE diabetes and how to manage it. This is capable of being rolled out nationally.

Established an annual educational “Jelly Bean” cruise for people with type 1 diabetes and their carers. In just 3 years, have provided education to 600 parents and children and have offered scholarships for 95 disadvantaged families to attend and learn about the latest technologies in a relaxed, fun environment. This cost the foundation in the order of the order of $110,000.

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