You can buy a continuous glucose monitor but it is first well worth finding out if you are eligible to access subsidised CGM through the Australian National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS).

From 1 April 2017, the Australian Government will provide access to fully subsidised continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products through the NDSS. Access to these products will be open to children and young people aged under 21 years, who face significant challenges living with type 1 diabetes, and who meet specific eligibility criteria, as assessed by an authorised health professional.

Authorised health professionals: Endocrinologist, credentialed diabetes educator (CDE), and other professionals specialising in diabetes (physicians, paediatricians or nurse practitioners). .

A detailed outline of the processes and eligibility criteria is noted below. The Continuous Glucose Monitoring Assessment form is available at

Eligibility to Access Subsidised CGM Products through the NDSS

To access CGM products through the NDSS, the person will need to be assessed by an authorised health professional to determine whether they meet specific eligibility criteria and to ensure that the use of CGM will help as part of their diabetes management.

The authorised health professionals who can perform these assessments include endocrinologists, credentialled diabetes educators, and other health professionals specialising in diabetes (medical doctors, paediatricians or nurse practitioners). To be eligible to participate in the CGM Initiative, the person must be assessed by an authorised health professional and meet the criteria for one of the following groups:

Product Selection and Use
Selection of an appropriate CGM device should be made by the authorised health professional based on their clinical assessment. This assessment should take into account the indicated use for each CGM device, noting that not all products may be appropriate for all eligibility groups.
The choice of which specific device to be used is a decision of the authorised health professional in consultation with, and with the informed consent of, the person and/or their carer. Please view the NDSS Device Summary and Compatibility Chart below for information about the devices subsidised through the NDSS, their compatibility with insulin pumps and smart devices and links to guidelines about appropriate use.
The Government also intends to include the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system on the list of products subsidised under the scheme. Negotiations with the product sponsor are ongoing and further information will be provided once negotiations are complete.

CGM Device Summary

CGM Device Summary

Compatibility Flow Chart

Compatibility Flow Chart

1. For information about compatible Apple iOS and Android devices for use with the Dexcom G5 Mobile visit:

2. For information about compatible Apple iOS devices for use with the Guardian Connect visit:

3. The Dexcom G4 Platinum and Dexcom G5 Mobile receivers are an alternative to using a compatible iOS or Android device and do not require cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity. They are not subsidised through the NDSS Initiative and can be purchased separately through AMSL. For more details, visit

4. The Medtronic Guardian Connect and Dexcom G5 Mobile transmitters must be synced to a compatible Apple IOS or Android device with Bluetooth connectivity. After syncing the apps will function without cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity. However, for sharing services to work you will need access to regular cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Device ARTG Information Product Information
Dexcom G4 PLATINUM ARTG Certificate 169241 Dexcom G4 Platinum User Guide
Dexcom G5 Mobile ARTG Certificate 169241 Dexcom G5 Mobile User Guide
Medtronic Enlite Sensor ARTG Certificate 313740 Medtronic Enlite Sensor User Guide
Medtronic Guardian Connect Transmitter ARTG Certificate 118347 Medtronic Guardian Connect User Guide
Medtronic MiniLink Transmitter ARTG Certificate 138452 Medtronic MiniLink Transmitter User Guide
Medtronic Guardian 2 Link Transmitter ARTG Certificate 118347 Medtronic Guardian 2 Link Transmitter User Guide

The Australian Government provides access to fully subsidised CGM through the NDSS. Subsidised access to CGM products is available through the NDSS for eligible people. The CGM Initiative aims to assist in the:

  • reduction of the number of severe hypoglycaemic events;
  • improvement of blood glucose control in people with poor glycaemic awareness or suboptimal glycaemic control (better control of blood glucose levels is associated with a reduced prevalence of long-term complications of diabetes);
  • reduction of visits to emergency departments, and missed work and/or school days by helping eligible people and their families to better manage their type 1 diabetes; and
  • reduction in anxiety for eligible people with type 1 diabetes.

CGM devices assist users with type 1 diabetes to manage their blood glucose levels and control their diabetes. Providing access to subsidised CGM sensors and transmitters may assist these people to better manage their blood glucose levels, and may reduce stress, anxiety and emergency visits to the hospital. CGM devices can also assist users with other rare conditions that are very similar to type 1 diabetes.

If you are interested in learning more about CGM and whether it might be right for you or your child, we encourage you to speak with your diabetes healthcare team to see if this could help you and your family in managing your or your child’s diabetes. You can also call the NDSS Helpline on 1300 136 588. The Helpline operates during 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays and national public holidays.

To be eligible for the initiative you must be registered with the NDSS. More information on registration with the NDSS is available by clicking here.

DANII Foundation CGM Scholarships for Australians who do not qualify for Eligible Funding

You can apply for a DANII fully Funded Scholarship for 12 months, you must also be willing to share your experience regularly (minimum weekly) on Social Media across as many diabetes related channels that you can find (including but not limited to DANII). You also agree to meet with your local Federal Politician and promote CGM funding for all Australian’s 21 and over and agree to engage in Local media helping DANII lobby for funding for Continuous Glucose Monitor.To qualify for this CGM Scholarship Grant you must be a DANII Friend HERE