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A day in a Life of a Type 1 Diabetic
Know your life is different……… and not a good different.

Spur of the moment, moments are all gone.
Everything is now a focus on your blood glucose level.
Everything you eat needs to be weighed and measured and calculated before you eat it.
Every activity you do must be thought out well in advance and taken into consideration with the time of the day, what level it involves and what you need to eat.
AND this must be done every single day for the rest of your life.
When you have worked all this out now also you have to take into consideration the factors that you have NO control over…….stress, adrenalin and hormones.
If you feel happy and excited about something….. this will affect your blood glucose level.
If you feel sad and anxious about something…… this will affect your blood glucose level.
If you feel angry…..and there is a lot to be angry about….this will affect your blood glucose level.
NOW if you are a parent & family of a type 1 diabetic……you worry……a lot.
As a parent you want to “fix” everything to make your child feel & cope better.
You do this to the best of your ability.
You do this on an hourly basis……every day for the rest of your life.

You have a thirst for knowledge, you are a walking carb counter, and above all else try not to dwell on the “what can happen”.
You do all of this on no more than 3 hours sleep in one go……every single day….for the rest of your life.

The single most worry is “Dead in Bed”. No parent should have to go through that. It is preventable

There is Technology available. Every type 1 diabetic should have access to CGM & an alarm system.
It is available. It does save lives, but it is not cheap.
Our family has benefited from the Danii Foundation with a subsidised CGM & alarm system, but is still costs us about $400 per month.
The whole type 1 diabetes community is indebted to Donna , Brian, their family and the DANII Foundation for their unwavering determination to bring the technology to type 1’s and their families. It is through their very own tragedy that they continue so no other family ever has to go through “Dead in Bed”.

Today you also have the power to help them and the type 1 diabetic community.


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