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The DANII Foundation was formed in 2012 after the tragic unnecessary death of Type One Diabetic (T1D), Daniella Meads Barlow at the age of 17 as a result of nocturnal hypoglycaemia, Dead in Bed Syndrome (DIBS). DANII is Australia’s pre-eminent foundation for the prevention of life threatening Dead in Bed Syndrome (DIBS) and the only organisation dedicated solely to the improvement of the safety and quality of the lives of T1D’s. As a result of this focus, DANII has established an Australia wide consumer campaign to make life-saving remote alert technology for T1D’s affordable and as a result reduce unnecessary complications and complex morbidity associated with poorly managed T1D. The Foundation’s vision, mission and values are:


 A world where people with type 1 diabetes live without fear of never waking up.


To make affordable, life-saving alert technology a reality for people living with type ONE diabetes.
To educate the wider public and advocate for the type ONE community.


Innovative, compassionate,
inspirational, caring, driven, brave.

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