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Pump it UP Feedback “What the kids & teacher have to say about PIUC”

Hello Donna! Here are a few ‘quotes’ from my beautiful’s after we did the DANII Foundation 48 hour Pump it UP Challenge. The kids loved it Donna, as did I!! Gave us a really good insight into the life of a diabetic!

** Friday night I was thinking what I could put my pump in? I wanted to be comfortable while I was wearing it all weekend. I found my dog’s collar and put it round my waist. It fit! Then I tied a tissue holder onto the dog collar and there it was! I had my own pump holder! (See Ruby in photo)
** I played rugby league and played with my pump on. I even got tackled with it on!
** It was fascinating to roll the dice every time before I ate! Mum even downloaded an App to help us count our carbs. Mum was very strict with me!
** I played in a tennis tournament with my pump on. It jumped out of my pocket at one stage!
** I played baseball and wore my pump. It didn’t bother me.
** I went swimming with my pump on!! It got wet!
** I played soccer with my pump on. My pump and I played fullback and left wing.
** When I went home Friday afternoon I rolled the dice and I got a ‘2’. I needed jellybeans!
** When I was at my friend’s house, who also had a pump on, we were really low, so we ate M&Ms.
** I played soccer with my pump on. I took jellybeans with me in case I went low.
** I went camping with my pump. I rolled the dice and got a 3! I told mum to hurry up and make dinner I’m going low!
** At midnight mum woke me up to roll the dice! I was 24! I didn’t feel well, I was dizzy. Mum gave me some water to calm me down.
** On the weekend when I was at my friends, I cracked a coconut and my pump decided to slip through my pants.


Donna, the photos below are of Ruby and Katie. They went home on Friday afternoon and worked out how they were going to ‘manage’ their Pump for the weekend! Who would have thought a dog’s collar and tissue holder would be so useful??

What teacher Jude Lansbury had to say about the Pump it UP Challenge:-
The challenge was an amazing, eye opening, and educational experience for the students and myself! All the parents participated as well by helping their child record their food intake and monitor their ’pretend’ sugar levels for the 48 hours. It truly gave us all an insight into Chelsea’s day to day life with diabetes. Parents also acknowledged the seriousness of diabetes and the challenges many people face from day to day. Students happily donated money to the cause and loved knowing their donation would be helping other students like their friend, Chelsea.
I have personally gained invaluable knowledge and a real appreciation of type 1 diabetes whilst teaching Chelsea this year. I would not hesitate to support such a wonderful challenge again in the future, with or without a student in my class with diabetes.
Awareness of diabetes is vital within a school, education about diabetes is vital within a school, promotion and support about diabetes is vital within a school. Helping to keep our students with diabetes safe, happy and healthy whilst at school is our business and challenges such as this are a wonderful way to achieve them.
Do it……… will be a better person for it! Judy Lansbury xo

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