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teddyOne of the good things to come from diabetes is the sense of community that develops between people who have it, as well as those who love them and help them on a daily basis. We at DANII are always looking to encourage people with diabetes, instill a sense of empowerment, and foster greater understanding of this disease as well as the people who live with it and/or work toward it’s cure.

Every Ty1d is different and we want to know your story. Just fill in the basic information below, then tell us your story! Include pictures, if possible. Your story could be featured on the website!*

Send your electronic submission to with the subject line “I have a diabetes story!” and we will take it from there. We will be sure to let you know if your story is a Winner to share and we will send you a DANII Bear!

We look forward to reading your story! Thanks!


* All submissions are subject to editing for grammar and story clarity. Selection of stories is at the discretion of DANII editors. If selected, an editor will contact you for any further details.

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