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2016 World Diabetes Day Media Release from DANII Foundation Australia

14 November 2016
World Diabetes Day – Tragedy Transformed to Triumph

The DANII Foundation is only 41/2 years old and yet has achieved what some organisations take 20 years or more to do. They have developed a large support base and more impressively a large election commitment from both the Coalition and the Labor Party in this years’ federal election to improve the lives of Type 1 Diabetics.
The DANII Foundation was founded after the unnecessary death Type 1 diabetic (T1d) of Daniella Meads-Barlow aged 17.
“Daniella died in her sleep as a result of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia, an unnecessary death that claims at least another young Australian every week a death that could have been avoided with a continuous glucose monitor.” said Donna Meads-Barlow, founder of the DANII Foundation.
“I made a promise to do everything I could to prevent unnecessary deaths of T1d’s and central to that is funding for continuous glucose monitors, which we have achieved and is now being implemented by the Turnbull Government for a planned roll-out of January 1 2017. This commitment will be known as Danii’s gift” said Mrs Meads-Barlow
“We are a tiny organisation and clearly punching well above our weight. Currently we do all of this with no government funding. We rely on volunteers and tonight on World Diabetes Day, we are bringing to light the people behind the disease. The reality of Type 1 Diabetes, a disease that has no cure and cannot be reversed by diet and exercise (like Type 2 Diabetes).”
“Tonight we will honour our little hero’s, young hero’s, a future ambassador and some of our many wonderful volunteers with an inaugural awards ceremony. We received hundreds of worthy applications. We are bringing a face to this insidious disease and real hope to improve the daily lives of T1d’s and their carers, and importantly save lives! ” said Mrs Meads-Barlow

The event will be held from 7pm with DANII celebrity ambassadors

  • Justin Melvey (Actor: Home and Away, and brother of a T1D who died in his sleep)
  • Rod Kafer (Australian Wallaby and Type 1 Diabetic)
  • Jack Newton (Golfing legend and Type 2 Diabetic).
  • Susan Alberti AC (Vice President of Western Bulldogs FC and major supporter of Women’s AFL). Susan lost her only child to T1 Diabetes (Also DANII Foundation Chair)

Susan Alberti AC
Justin Melvey
Rod Kafer
Donna Meads-Barlow and Type 1 Diabetic award winners

Event Details: 6-9pm Harbour 220, Level 15 131 Macquarie St, Sydney

THE DANII FOUNDATION: The Face of Type 1 Diabetes Across Australia

Contact: Justine Caines 0408 21 02 73

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