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Type 1 Diabetic Community totally overwhelmed with ALP Commitment – Over $80 Million to save and Improve Lives

15 June 2016

Type 1 Diabetic Community totally overwhelmed with ALP Commitment – Over $80 Million to save and Improve Lives

The announcement today from Shadow Health Minister Catherine King and Shadow Minister for Families and Payments, Jenny Macklin of $83.4M has overjoyed the Type 1 Diabetic Community. The announcement consists of $79.4M for Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) and $4M for glucose pump therapy, over 4 years.

“Quite frankly this will transform the lives of Type 1 Diabetics and their families. This is an investment in the best care available. It is also an example of a visionary approach to health and will protect Type 1 Diabetics from debilitating morbidity like blindness and amputation, complications that come at a very heavy cost primarily to the Diabetic but also the health system.” said Susan Alberti, AC, Chair of the Danii Foundation, the consumer organisation dedicated to improving the lives of T1d’s and their families.

The Danii Foundation was founded after the unnecessary death of Daniella Meads-Barlow aged 17.

“Daniella died in her sleep as a result of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia, an unnecessary death that claims at least another young Australian every week a death that could have been avoided with a continuous glucose monitor.” said Donna Meads-Barlow, founder of the Danii Foundation

It is rare to see such a visionary approach to health funding. There is no doubt this will save and improve lives. To a mother that has lost her only daughter this remains ‘Danii’s gift’” “The Danii foundation made a compelling argument to both government and the opposition demonstrating how funding CGM could reduce waste in our public hospital setting, via unnecessary admissions, and horrific morbidity including limb amputation, blindness and kidney failure.” said Donna Meads-Barlow

“To realise such a significant election commitment is testimony to the amazing commitment Type 1 diabetics and their families. Type 1 diabetes can overtake your life, with CGM technology you can keep it under control. The Danii Foundation applauds this announcement.” said Donna Meads-Barlow

“An extensive international literature review demonstrates the risk of a Type 1 diabetic dying in their sleep is between 4.7 and 27.3% of deaths to T1D’s. In real terms this means anywhere between 7,000 and 28,000 Australians go to bed every night not knowing if they will wake the next morning.”

“If a Shorten Government is elected this funding will herald a new era to the management of Type 1 diabetes and the daily functioning of Type 1 diabetics and their families. Essentially it will allow thousands of Type 1 diabetics and their families to let go of the fear of not waking up in the morning, something we all know is priceless .” said Susan Alberti AC.

“Our Foundation would assist a Shorten Government every step of the way to ensure this funding reaches those most in need and has maximum effect.” said Susan Alberti AC

THE DANII FOUNDATION: The Face of Type 1 Diabetes Across Australia
Contact: Justine Caines 0408 21 02 73

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